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Interested in entrusting your creative vision with Ridgez? Help us find a plan and team that works for you! Tell us a little about your project, if it's a video, how long do you expect it to run? If it's photos, video, or sound coverage for a live event, please include the dates. General details about the project, timeframe, and your budget are all important factors. If there is a particular Artist from the Ridgez team that you'd like to work with, please list them. If you have any questions, include them and one of our many knowledgeable office members from Ridgez will get back to you. 


Interested Artists

So you're interested in joining the team? Fantastic! Ridgez assembles media production teams and connects artists with clients. Tell us your talents and training. Please include a resume and portfolio sampling as well as a list of your availability and the best means to contact you. Be sure to write "Interested Artist" in the subject line. 



Twitter: @ridgezinc

Main Location: New York, United States


We received your email and someone from our team will respond soon.

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