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Offering Innovative Design and Affordable Cutting Edge Media Production

See what happens when OUr team Collaborates

Want cutting edge video and music? Check out "Let It Burn" to see what the collective power of Ridgez can do for you. 

Meet Our Team

Want to hire one of the many talented people that work for us? View their profiles by clicking here.  

Find OUt More

We aim to work as your one stop spot for all your media production needs. We aim to provide fast, reliable, and quality services through our pre-vetted staff. We do the research so you don't have to! Have more questions? Stop on by to our About Page where we'll be glad to tell you more!

Want to Hire us?

We pride ourself on the constant growing skill of our productive. If you're looking for someone to assist you in either your wedding, business commercials, senior portraits, band press kit - you name it, we can help. From team assembly, to onsite shooting, to backroom editing, we strive for quality. We recommend you view the profiles in our artist collective where you can see examples of portfolio work and see if anyone sounds like a natural fit. Once you've found someone, drop us a line on our contact page! Not sure who to chose or what team to assemble? No worries! We can help. 

Want to become one of our artists?

We are constantly expanding and always looking forward to young, creative minds. Our collective focuses on media production and are looking for people trained in the following fields: audio engineering, photography, and video. Want to join a constantly growing collective of talented, young professionals? Look on our website for more details on the application process while we get ready to role out the welcome mat. 

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